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Can Mold Spread From Home to Home in the Crowded Residences of Downtown LA

Published by Allegra on October 27, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Dangers of indoor mold spreadWe are all surrounded by mold. Mold spores travel in the air and attach to people’s clothing, bags, and other belongings. They take as little as 24 to 48 hours to form in moisture. They are highly contagious and can spread throughout your house in a matter of few days.

When it comes to mold, cross-contamination is an important concept to understand. Mold contamination occurs when you take contaminated personal items from one house to another or mold gets attached to your clothing, hair, or skin, and you take the contaminants to another house or apartment in the building. Therefore, mold can spread from one house to another in the crowded residences of Downtown LA.

More About Mold Cross-Contamination

By now, you must have understood that mold is a fungus that is extremely contagious. Not all molds are visible, so many people don’t even realize that there’s mold present in the house until the problem worsens.

Due to the size and weight of mold spores, these contaminants are able to spread quickly. Not only do they attach themselves to your personal belongings like bags, shoes, and scarves, they can also transport themselves to electronics like toasters, computers, etc. You might not wish for it, but if there’s a mold present in your house, you are transporting it to your neighbor’s house when you go to their house to borrow their coffee machine or drop off the chocolate pie.

Causes of Mold Growth

To understand how you can prevent mold growth, it’s important that you understand what causes mold in the first place. Wherever there’s moisture, there’s a high chance of mold growth. The most common causes of mold growth include persistent humidity, pipe leaks, clogged gutters, leaking appliances, a damp basement, and severe weather conditions.

Mold can grow on surfaces like paper, wood, cardboard, and tiles. Learning about the causes of mold growth can help you locate the source of the leak. If the rainwater enters your house because of clogged gutters and drains, mold might form within 24 to 48 hours.

Similarly, if your appliances leak, mold will form underneath them or wherever there’s water. Molds can’t grow without water, and they don’t need a lot of water to form. To prevent mold growth, it’s important to keep the indoor humidity levels less than 55.

However, that doesn’t mean that molds can’t grow in winter as the humidity level drastically drops in the coldest months of the year. In other words, it’s important to understand that different types of mold grow in different conditions.

If you reside by the ocean, the chances of mold formation are high, especially if there’s a lack of ventilation. Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers are also the primary causes of mold growth.

The most common places to check for molds in your house include the bathtub, sinks, toilets, walls, under the kitchen sink, on wooden cutting boards, trash cans, behind the stove, and around windows and in darker areas of the house.

What to Expect from Home Restoration Experts?

It’s not recommended by EPA to take charge of cleaning up the mold area if the area is larger than 3 feet because only the experts have knowledge, experience, and equipment to remove mold from your house.

It’s not uncommon to feel doubtful while hiring a local home restoration company. After all, your money and your family’s health are on the line. Only an expert home restoration company can save your property from mold. If you hire a local home restoration company, you can expect them to reach your location within an hour.

They’ll first inspect the property and test the type of mold the property is dealing with. You can also expect them to take necessary measures like isolating the contaminated areas in order to prevent the damage. They also repair the leaks so that more molds don’t form indoors.

After determining the severity of the mold problem, the home restoration experts come up with a plan to start removing mold from the contaminated areas.

Then, the mold removal begins where suppress dust, remove mold-damaged materials, place materials in plastic bags to secure them from mold, clean all the surfaces and affected areas, dry the rooms and materials, and replace or repair the mold-damaged materials. In the end, they test if the mold has been successfully removed from the house.

An important part of mold removal is to repair the leaks so that you don’t have to deal with a mold problem in the near future. As discussed earlier, not all molds are visible, so the only way you can protect your family and prevent your property from experiencing a decrease in value is by controlling indoor moisture and humidity levels.

To control indoor moisture levels, it’s recommended that you install moisture detectors. It’s important to keep a check on drains and gutters to make sure that they are not blocked and keeping the rainwater away from your house.

If you hire the right company, they’ll keep you in the loop and share with you tips so that you can avoid mold problems in the future.

Looking for Mold Removal Services in Downtown Los Angeles?

A reliable, experienced, and certified home restoration company that you call to avail mold removal services is 911 Restoration of Downtown Los Angeles. When it comes to mold removal, the home restoration company offers laboratory mold testing, Professional mold inspection & sampling, and structural drying & humidifying.

The home restoration experts offer both residential and commercial mold removal services. Within 45 minutes of the initial call, you can expect the home restoration experts to arrive at your property with advanced mold removing and drying tools. The company is backed by home restoration experts who have been trained in removing mold.

911 Restoration of Downtown Los Angeles is the one that you can count on. Not only will they remove mold from your house, but they will also ensure to fix the leaks so that you don’t have to worry about mold in the future.

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