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How Does Mold Spread? Why Is It All Over My House?

Published by SEO on January 11, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Mold Growth on Walls and CeilingMold is much more dangerous than it appears. Mold spores are always present and traveling through the air, and all they require to grow is warmth and dampness. Mold spread in any part of the house should always be taken seriously. 

If you have detected mold growth in your home, you must wonder how it spreads to your home and what you can control and eliminate it. Without further ado, let’s check out the answers to these questions.

What Caused Mold Growth in My Home?

Since mold spores are present in the air, mold enters homes through windows, doors, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold can also enter your home through your clothes, shoes, bags, or even your pets. 

When you or your pets are outside, airborne mold can easily settle on wet fabric or fur. Once inside, if the fabric or fur stays damp, mold can continue to grow there. If they are dried once inside, mold can become airborne inside your home and attach itself to another warm and damp surface. 

Since mold growth can occur anywhere with sufficient dampness in air, there are higher chances of mold growth in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or dark closets such as closets and storage areas. Mold spread can also occur in mostly neglected spaces in a home, such as under the refrigerator, above the cabinets, and behind electrical appliances. 

Malfunctioning and leaking sewage pipes across the house can also attract mold and cause mold to spread in the dry walls and insulation of the house. Once inside the wall, mold spread can occur along the sewage pipes and reach various house structures through them. 

Mold growth in one spot in the house can lead to mold spread in other house areas. This happens because mold growth releases new mold spores, looking for other damp and humid surfaces. 

How Can I Stop Mold Spread in My Home?

The most effective method to stop mold spread in your home is to control the humidity inside the home. Since humidity levels inside the home can be affected by the humidity levels and weather outside, you would need to take control of the humidity and temperature inside your home. The following measures can be significantly helpful:

Keeping the HVAC System Clean

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your home’s HVAC system can reduce the chances of mold entering your home. 

Protecting Vents and Windows

While you cannot keep the entrance of your home permanently closed and neither can you seal shut windows and vents, cleaning them regularly can be helpful. Moreover, you can also reduce the chances of mold entering your home by installing mesh in your home’s windows and vents. A fine mesh layer traps the mold spores without inhibiting the airflow from ventilating your home. 

Inspecting Your Home’s Sewage Pipes Regularly 

Inspect and repair or replace your home’s sewage system regularly to avoid dampness from culminating and attracting and assisting mold spread in your home. The same measure also applies to the exterior of your home, as mold growth outside the house can increase the chances of mold spreading inside the home. 

Keeping All Corners Home Well Ventilated

Dark and difficult-to-reach areas are more susceptible to mold growth. However, cleaning and ventilating such spaces at least twice a year can greatly reduce the chances of mold spreading in your home. Air out your closets and cabinets and avoid placing damp objects inside. 

Air out all your fabrics and accessories before putting them back inside the closet after wearing them. Dampness from sweat can turn your clothes into an ideal habitat for mold. 

Running a Dehumidifier At Home

LA is a hot and humid city. However, residents of LA can keep their homes safe from the humidity in the air outside by running a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers can keep the humidity level inside your home low. As they suck all the moisture from their surroundings, dampness from all areas of your home can be easily removed. 

Keep rotating the dehumidifier in different rooms around the house throughout the week. It will help keep your home free of excess moisture and prevent mold from sticking and growing anywhere in your home. Running a dehumidifier all over the house will also help you find sewage leaks around the house. 


However, if you find mold growth in your home despite all the preventative measures, avoid touching mold with bare hands, as it can lead to further mold spread

Touching or inhaling mold spores can also lead to mold ingestion or mold exposure which can be very harmful to you and your family’s health. Instead, run a dehumidifier to remove as much moisture from your home as possible, so there is no more mold spread. 

For effective mold removal, call a home restoration service. Many restoration services in Los Angeles, such as the 911 of Downtown Los Angeles, provide effective mold removal and mitigation services for personal and commercial properties. 

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