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Water Damage Restoration Prevention From Boiling Water

Published by 911 Restoration Downtown Los Angeles on April 21, 2022 in category: Mold Inspection, Water Damage Restoration

Preparing Outdoor Pipes for The SummerBurst water pipes may lead to need for water damage restoration and mold removal at any time. It is a common misconception that water does not boil in the pipes. In fact, pipes bursting because of boiling water is much more common. 

When mercury falls, people take extra care of their pipes. We have all learned that a dripping faucet and open cabinet doors help reduce the exposure to cold. However, the plumbing issues during the summer heat are often neglected, although they are more problematic.

Water damage from boiling water increases the risk of mold on your property as well. This article will discuss how water damage restoration in hot weather can be a serious issue to consider. We will also consider what you can do to reduce the risk of this damage and the need for mold removal on your property.

Water Damage Restoration During Summer

Taking care of your pipes is key to protecting water damage and reducing the risk of mold on your property. Here are some ways you can do this. 

Put Some Shade On The Pipes

UV rays from the sun are what cause your water pipes to heat up. While it helps prevent mold growth on the pipes, too much direct UV rays can also weaken and damage the pipes. The increased heat and stress may present itself as stress cracks on the pipes.  

If you find that any pipe is showing signs of damage or stress, hire an expert and replace the pipe immediately. To protect them from future damage, you should put some shade on the pipes. You can also apply acrylic tape or wrap the pipes with insulation tape. 

Take Care of Roots

Trees, plants, and landscapes in general grow more during summer. This also means that their roots expand more. They can wrap around pipes or grow through pipes as well. This may result in clogging or breaking your pipes down. If they decide to attack your sewage lines, there is a very good chance that you will have to resort to sewage backup cleanup services

You should call water damage restoration experts if you have reason to believe that there is an overflow on your property. Failure to do so may lead to mold as well, which is a much costlier type of damage!

Keep Water Line Aligned

During summer, standing water in the line may overheat and turn into steam. This steam will need a place to exit. If your water pipes aren’t aligned, water may stop the steam from escaping, which in turn may put pressure on the pipe. 

Over time, this pressure will create weak spots and pressure cracks, which is a prelude to the line bursting. By keeping your pipe aligned, you can create a smooth water flow. Water vapors can easily escape through aligned pipes, and hence, avoid the need for water damage restoration. 

Give Your Hoses a Rest

This is true for automatic garden hoses, sprinkler systems, and other similar systems. If you are constantly applying pressure on your pipes under the summer heat, it will count as heavy use. This leads to more wear and tear, which in turn means more chances of pipes breaking down. 

Give your water pipes, garden hoses, and sprinkles some rest from the sun and water pressure. Doing so will help you enhance your pipes’ life quite a lot. 

Check Airflow

You may not notice it but your windows and doors may drive hot drafts towards the pipes. The best way to tackle this issue is to close your doors when there is a hot, dry wind flowing through. You should check airflow constantly to avoid unnecessary pressure on your pipes. 

Places to check include:

  1. Windows
  2. Doors
  3. Pet doors
  4. Fireplace
  5. Basement
  6. Attic
  7. Crawlspace

If needed, add some insulation on the pipes exposed directly to the hot air.  

Keep Water Moving

Much like during winter season, you need to keep water moving during the summer as well. Water expands when it becomes ice and when it heats up. The boiling water is more harmful since it turns into steam. Steam expands much more than ice. 

This is a problem for fresh water and sewage lines alike. Water damage restoration from pipes bursting from boiling water spreads out more than from cold water. Furthermore, mold from sewage lines has higher risk of spreading infectious diseases. 

Prepare Your Pipes for The Summer

To prepare your pipes for the heat, you will need to check for any existing cracks, cuts, or stress points. These can be in the form of ripples on the pipe’s surface, small cracks, or dents. Consider hiring expert plumbers or water damage restoration crews for help. 

911 Restoration of Downtown Los Angeles has several IICRC-certified experts ready to help. We can assist you with boiling water damage restoration, mold removal, and more. No matter the emergency you are facing, we are only a call away!


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