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How Poor HVAC Maintenance Can Lead to Fire Hazards

Published by Allegra on September 10, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

A worn-out HVAC systemTo achieve optimal room temperature all year round, residential owners rely heavily on their HVAC systems. As a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is used frequently throughout the year, it is crucial to keep it well-maintained to avoid malfunctioning and fire hazards. However, not many people realize that a poorly functioning HVAC system can pose a fire hazard, resulting in costly home damage restoration.

Therefore, the best way to minimize and prevent the risk of a fire is to keep your HVAC well-maintained. But nonetheless, sometimes disasters are inevitable. In case of HVAC fire damage, call 911 Restoration of Downtown LA for home restoration services. Our home restoration experts can assess the damages and provide you with the best and affordable solutions to ensure your property is back to its previous state.

Now let us walk you through how poor HVAC maintenance can lead cause fire hazards:

Fittings Loosen and Get Damaged Over Time Causing Gas Leaks

Fittings can get damaged and loosen over time, thus resulting in gas leaks. Natural gas leaks from your HVAC can increase the risk of fire and explosion. Every year many people lose their precious lives because of HVAC fires triggered by gas leakage. This problem occurs if you don’t keep your system maintained.

Hence, it can be avoided if you invest in regular HVAC maintenance. An expert can evaluate the condition of your HVAC and inspect the gas lines carefully. They can repair or replace the loose or damaged fittings to prevent gas leaks.

As natural gas is odorless, a chemical called mercaptan is added. It smells like rotten eggs. If you smell something bad around your home and can hear the hissing sound from the system, call a professional for inspection without any delay. Let them inspect and fix the issue to prevent a fire hazard.

Wiring Problems

Wiring issues in the HVAC system like fraying, corrosion, and disconnection should be addressed and fixed immediately. These issues can lead to electrical shorts hence resulting in a fire hazard.

Wiring issues occur because of different reasons, such as old and poor electrical connections and improper installation. If not changed or maintained, old connections become loose, and the constant high demand for power can result in a fire.

Issues With the Motor

An HVAC system may catch fire if the motor heats up. The motor may overheat due to poor HVAC maintenance. Here’s why:

  • Dirt Accumulation—If the motor is not cleaned regularly, dirt accumulates on the inside and around the motor over time. The dirt acts like insulation which heats the motor and poses the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Insufficient Lubrication—The motor bearings may tighten and wear out over time. This happens when the motor is not maintained or lubricated sufficiently. When the motor dries out, bearings start to catch the heat and lead to a fire.
  • Voltage Issues—This is yet another issue that may overheat the motor and cause fire damage. If the voltage fluctuates frequently and goes too high and too low, it will likely damage the motor. Hence, it’s best to regularly inspect the motor to avoid these issues and ensure proper motor functioning.

How to Lower the Risk of an HVAC Fire?

As mentioned earlier routine HVAC system maintenance is perhaps the best way to minimize the risk of a fire hazard. By getting it checked and inspected by a professional, you can rest assured that your system is functioning properly.

Moreover, make sure that your home is properly wired to bear the electrical load. Remember that the HVAC is not your regular home appliance like a blender or a dryer. The electrical load for using an HVAC is much greater.

Another way to prevent HVAC fires is to avoid overusing the unit. Give some rest to the unit and the motor. Don’t strain your unit by running it all day long, as it can overheat the motor and lead to mechanical failures.

You can also minimize the risk of fire in your HVAC system by looking out for the warning signs and acting fast. The signs that trigger potential HVAC issues are:

  • Smoke from the unit
  • Natural gas odor
  • Plastic burning

If you fail to identify these signs promptly, it can cause a fire. This is when you should contact the fire department and home restoration experts. Call 911 Restoration of Downtown LA for repairs and fixes. Our team is certified and trained to handle such situations. We will be at your assistance in less than 45 minutes. Our experts will inspect the damages caused by an HVAC fire and provide you with quality and step-by-step assistance. From clean-up to repairs and replacements, we will ensure your property is in top shape and well-functioning again.

We are also ready to work with your insurance company. We can assist you with claim filing so that the insurance company provides proper coverage for the damages incurred. Give us a chance to assist you. Contact us today. We are a trusted and reliable commercial and home restoration company.

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